Convert Iterable to Stream in Java

Shubham Vora Nov 04, 2022
Convert Iterable to Stream in Java

In Java, we can use the Iterator to iterate through every collection element. The stream is a pipeline of objects from collections.

There can be two types of streams. One is parallel, and another is a sequential stream.

In this article, we will learn a method to convert the Iterable to Stream.

Use the Method to Convert Iterable to Stream in Java

No method in the iterable interface can directly convert iterable to stream. So, we must use the stream() method of the StreamSupport class.

Users can follow the syntax below to use the stream() method.

Spliterator<T> spliter = iter.spliterator();
return, isParallel);


spliter It is a spliterator of the iterator, which we have converted using the Iterable.spliterator() method.
isParallel A Boolean value defines whether the stream is parallel or sequential. Users should pass the true Boolean value to get the parallel stream.

In the example below, we have created the iterable of integers. We called the IterToStream() function and passed the iterable as an argument that returns the stream of a particular iterable.

In the ItrToStream() function, we are converting the iterable to spliterator. After that, we used the method to convert the spliterator to stream.

At last, we are printing the stream.

import java.util.*;
class Test {
    // function to convert iterable to stream
	public static <T> Stream<T> ItrToStream(Iterable<T> iter)
        // converting iterable to spliter
		Spliterator<T> spliter = iter.spliterator();
        // using the stream() method of StreamSupport class
		return, false);
	public static void main(String[] args)
	    // creating array list of Integers
        Iterable<Integer> iterable = Arrays.asList(12121, 212123, 12213, 21212, 21212);
        //  calling the IterToStream Function
        Stream<Integer> stream = ItrToStream(iterable);
        // Print the element of the sequential stream.
        stream.forEach(s -> System.out.println(s));



We have successfully learned to convert iterable to stream in Java using the method.

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