Siddharth Bishnoi

Raspberry Pi Howtos

  1. Set Date and Time on Raspberry Pi OS

Batch Howtos

  1. Remove Double Quotes From Variables in a Batch File
  2. Step Scope in Spring Batch
  3. Difference Between % and %% in a Batch File
  4. Run BAT File From Powershell Script
  5. The echo Command in Batch
  6. XCOPY Overwrite in Batch
  7. Batch File From Scheduled Task Returns Code 2147942401
  8. Differences Between Windows Batch .bat and .cmd Files
  9. Redirect Output to a Text File From Within a Batch File
  10. Run Batch File as Administrator
  11. String Comparison in Batch File
  12. Wait for a Command to Finish Execution in Windows Batch File
  13. Delete a Folder With Its Contents Using a Batch File in Windows