Python datetime.strftime() Method

Python datetime.strftime() Method

  1. Syntax of Python datetime.strftime() Method
  2. Example 1: Use datetime.strftime() Method in Python
  3. Example 2: Convert to String Using datetime.strftime() Method
  4. Example 3: Represent Time in Different Formats Using the datetime.strftime() Method

Python datetime.strftime() method is an efficient way of converting any stated datetime object to different string formats.

Syntax of Python datetime.strftime() Method



Description Example
format It is the data in datetime format, which is then converted using the following codes:
%a Abbreviated weekday name Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed
%A Full weekday name Sunday, Monday
%w Weekday as decimal number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6
%d Day as a zero-padded decimal 01,02,03,04,05,06…
%-d Day as a decimal number 1,2,3,4,5,6…
%b Abbreviated month name Jan, Feb, Mar
%m Months as zero-padded decimal 01,02,03,04,05,06…
%-m Month number as a decimal 1,2,3,4,5,6…
%B Full month name January, February..
%y Year without century, zero-padded decimal 99,00,01..
%-y Year without century as a decimal 99,0,1..
%Y Year with century 1999,2000,2001..
%H 24-hour clock, zero-padded decimal 01,02,….23
%-H 24-hour clock as a decimal 1,2,3,….23
%I 12-hour clock, zero-padded decimal 01,02,….12
%-I 12-hour clock as a decimal 1,2,3,….12
%M Minutes as a zero-padded decimal 01,02,….59
%-M Minutes as a decimal 1,2,3,….59
%S Seconds as a zero-padded decimal 01,02,….59
%-S Seconds as a decimal 1,2,3,….59
%p locale’s AM or PM AM, PM
%Z Timezone name est,utc,gmt…
%z UTC offset in the form +HHMM or -HHMM +0112,-0112….
%j Day number of a year, zero-padded decimal 001,002,….365
%-j Day number in a year as a decimal 1,2,3,….365
%c locale’s date and time representation Mon Aug 29 07:06:05 2022
%x locale’s date representation 29/08/22
%X locale’s time representation 10:03:43
%f microsecond, zero-padded on the left side 000000…. 999999
%U Week number of a year (Sunday as first) 0,1,2…6
%W Week number of a year 00,01,…53


This method’s return type is a string representing date and time. It uses date, time or datetime objects.

Example 1: Use datetime.strftime() Method in Python

import datetime

datetime_object = datetime.datetime(2022,8,29,12,30,5)

year = datetime_object.strftime("%Y")

print("year:", year)

month = datetime_object.strftime("%m")

print("month:", month)

day = datetime_object.strftime("%d")

print("day:", day)

time = datetime_object.strftime("%H:%M:%S")

print("time:", time)

date_time = datetime_object.strftime("%m/%d/%Y, %H:%M:%S")

print("date and time:",date_time)


year: 2022
month: 08
day: 29
time: 12:30:05
date and time: 08/29/2022, 12:30:05

The above code shows only the attributes which we have specified.

Example 2: Convert to String Using datetime.strftime() Method

import datetime

timestamp = 1528797322

datetime_object = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%c")

print("Date and time: ", x)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%x")

print("Date:", x)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%X")

print("Time:", x)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%I%p")

print("Locale's AM or PM:", x)


Date and time:  Tue Jun 12 09:55:22 2018
Date: 06/12/18
Time: 09:55:22
Locale's AM or PM: 09AM

Based on the string and the format code used, such as %d, %B, the method returns its equivalent datetime object.

Example 3: Represent Time in Different Formats Using the datetime.strftime() Method

import datetime


x = datetime_object.strftime("%a %m %y")

print('Date in short form:', x)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%A %-m %Y")

print('Date in full form:', x)

x = datetime_object.strftime("%-I %p %S")

print("Date in locale's form:", x)


Date in short form: Mon 08 22
Date in full form: Monday 8 2022
Date in locale's form: 1 PM 22

In the above code, we got the time following a format we specified using format codes.

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