Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods in Java

Sarwan Soomro Mar 12, 2022
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  3. Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods in Java
Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods in Java

Static and non-static methods are elementary to comprehend. This article discusses their attributes, logical flow, and overall implementation.

Initially, we will run an example on the static method; then, we will show a simple demo on non-static. Finally, we will classify both in a table and use both in the single code block.

Static Method in Java

In Java, static is a particular reserved keyword, which allows a method to function without a class instance.

Since a static method is part of the class, we don’t need to create an instance. Let’s get to the point directly; check out the code below.


//This demo shows how you can use static methods!
public class StaticMethodDemo {
  // We define static keyword to use static method
  static void demoStaticMethod() {
    System.out.println("We can call static methods without having to create their objects");

  // Function
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    demoStaticMethod(); // This calls our static method



We can call static methods without having to create their objects

Non-Static Method in Java

The static keyword is not necessary to name a non-static method or variable. It also corresponds to a class object; therefore, you’ll need to construct an instance of the class to get access to it.


class NonStaticMethodDemo
   public void NonStaticDemo()
       System.out.println("This is a demonstration of a Non Static Method in Java");
   public static void main(String agrs[])
	   NonStaticMethodDemo NonSM=new NonStaticMethodDemo();



This is a demonstration of a Non Static Method in Java

We don’t have to call the object to the static method in the previous example.

On the contrary, you can not directly call a non-static method. It will throw a compilation error.

Check the difference out in the following example.

Difference Between Static and Non-Static Methods in Java

Static methods do not need instances variable; else, you will get a compilation error. In contrast, you can call non-static methods with the instance variable.

Difference Table:

Attributes Static Non-Static
Accessibility Access only static methods It can access both
Declaration We declare it with static keyword-only Does not require special keyword
Memory Less Memory (Allocation of memory occurs once) More memory
Binding Uses compile-time binding Run time-binding/Dynamic binding
Syntax static void DemoStatic() {} void IamNonStaticDemo() {}

Steps of Implementation for a Code with Static and Non-Static Methods in Java

  1. Class - public class DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo {}
  2. Static vs Non-Static Variable - String demo = "Variable"; static String var = "Static Varibale";
  3. Instance - DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo instance = new DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo();. We will use this instance to call IamNonStaticDemo method.
  4. Static Method does not need an instance - DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo.DemoStatic();

Now, check the following program.


public class DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo { //main class
	//we will call these variables in both methods
	String demo = "Variable";
	static String var = "Static Variable";
	//main function
	public static void main (String[] args) {
		//Your code goes here
		//Creating Instance of the main class
		DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo instance = new DifferenceBtwStaticVsNonStaticDemo();
		//instance will call a non static method
		//Static methods do not need instance variables

	//This is static method
	static void DemoStatic() {
		System.out.println("Static Method:::::" + var);// static variable for static method
	//This is non static method
	void IamNonStaticDemo() {
		System.out.println("Non Static Method:::::" + demo +" I can also access:::: " + var); //Since it is a non static method, it can access both string variables

} //main class


Non Static Method:::::Variable I can also access:::: Static Variable
Static Method:::::Static Variable
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