Tkinter Tutorial - Message Box

Jinku Hu Jun 25, 2020
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  2. Tkinter Message Box Example
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Tkinter Tutorial - Message Box

The Tkinter message box is the pop-up that appears on the screen to give you plain text information or ask the user a question like Are you sure to quit? Yes or No?

Tkinter Message Box

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox

messagebox.showinfo("Basic Example", "a Basic Tk MessageBox")

Tkinter Message Box_Basic Example

from tkinter import messagebox

We need to import messagebox from tkinter.

messagebox.showinfo("Basic Example", "a Basic Tk MessageBox")

showinfo is one of the show functions in messagebox. It shows the information in the message box, where Basic Example is the title in the box and a Basic Tk MessageBox is the shown information.

The show functions in the Tkinter messagebox are,

show Function Description
showinfo plain infomartion
showwarning warning information
showerror error information
askquestion ask the user question
askokcancel answers are ok and cancel
askyesno answers are yes and no
askretrycancel answers are retry and cancel

Tkinter Message Box Example

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox

messagebox.showwarning("Warning Example", "Warning MessageBox")

messagebox.showerror("Error Example", "Error MessageBox")

messagebox.askquestion("Ask Question Example", "Quit?")

messagebox.askyesno("Ask Yes/No Example", "Quit?")

messagebox.askokcancel("Ask OK Cancel Example", "Quit?")

messagebox.askretrycancel("Ask Retry Cancel Example", "Quit?")

Tkinter Message Box_Warning Example

Tkinter Message Box_Error Example

Tkinter Message Box_askquestion

Tkinter Message Box_askyesno

Tkinter Message Box_askretrycancel

Tkinter Message Box_askokcancel

Tkinter Message Box Example in the GUI

The above examples demonstrate the message boxs to give us the first impression. But normally, the message box pops up after the user clicks a button.

We will introduce how to bind the message box with a button click and the action or command after the user clicks different options in the message box.

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox

root = tk.Tk()

def ExitApp():
    MsgBox = tk.messagebox.askquestion("Exit App", "Really Quit?", icon="error")
    if MsgBox == "yes":
        tk.messagebox.showinfo("Welcome Back", "Welcome back to the App")

buttonEg = tk.Button(root, text="Exit App", command=ExitApp)


We construct the message box in the function ExitApp() that is bond to the button buttonEg.

if MsgBox == 'yes':

The return value of the clicked option is yes or no in askquestion message box.

The following action could be closing the app, showing another message box or other defined behavior.

Tkinter Message Box_Bond to a button

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