Check Pandas and Various Dependencies Version

Check Pandas and Various Dependencies Version

  1. Check Version of Pandas
  2. Check Pandas Dependencies Version

In the following tutorial, we will be learning how to check the Pandas version and check the versions of various dependencies of Pandas.

Pandas is one of the most significant Python libraries for data analysis, requiring frequent Pandas version changes. Due to such widespread and intertwined usage of Pandas, it leads to compatibility issues with other dependencies of Pandas.

Check Version of Pandas

Now, let us learn various ways to check the Pandas version on any system. But before we move on to checking versions, let us start by importing the very important Pandas library.

import pandas as pd

Now that we have imported Pandas let us run the pd.__version__ command that facilitates the Pandas version checking.


Let us see the version of the above code, which will probably show us the Pandas version installed in our system.


Now that we have successfully checked the Pandas version, let us explore how to check the version of Pandas dependencies which can be beneficial in certain circumstances.

Check Pandas Dependencies Version

We check the version of various Pandas dependencies using the utility function pd.show_versions(). Let us run this command and see the output.

pandas           : 1.4.1
numpy            : 1.22.2
pytz             : 2020.1
dateutil         : 2.8.1
pip              : 22.0.4
setuptools       : 49.2.1
Cython           : None
pytest           : None
sqlalchemy       : 1.4.32
tables           : None
tabulate         : None
xarray           : None
xlrd             : 2.0.1
xlwt             : None
zstandard        : None

We can see that we have the version list of all the Pandas dependencies installed on our system. This version check can be of immense use for us in certain conditions.

Therefore using the above method, we can check Pandas versions and versions of various dependencies of Pandas.

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