How to Use the Include Tag in Django

Salman Mehmood Feb 15, 2024
How to Use the Include Tag in Django

This tutorial aims to quickly and easily teach how to use the include tag inside the individual HTML file in Django.

Import External File Inside the HTML File Using the include Tag in Django

In the Django documentation, there are different built-in template tags that we can use. And the extends tag is part of the template inheritance.

The include tag is also part of the template inheritance. The include tag brings a smarter way to avoid redundant code and helps add an external file to a little piece of code.

For example, if we have a home page with a navbar and integrate multiple pages around a whole website, we will need to add it on different pages. However, it is a time-consuming process to add a navbar on every page separately.

In that case, we are not going to add a navbar individually. We will need to create our base.html and navbar.html files, write a navbar script in these files, then we can use it where we want to replace it using the include tag.

According to the documentation, the include tag loads and renders the template with the current context. This is a way to include other templates within a template.

Now, we will create a new HTML file using the navbar.html file employing the include tag. We have to use this tag in the HTML body tag, and we will need to use jinja templating inside the HTML code.

Jinja templating helps us import variables and apply inheritance inside the HTML file. We can see the include tag needs opening and closing curly brackets, and around them, we will write the include tag, and after one space, write the file name that we need to replace.

Django Template Include Example

If we run our server, we can now see that we have a navbar on another page.

Django Template Include Output

You have learned how easily you can use the include tag and include an external HTML file in your Django project. You can get more information from here.

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