How to Get File Extension in C++

Muhammad Adil Feb 02, 2024
How to Get File Extension in C++

A file extension refers to the last part of a file name that contains information about the data held in the file.

In C++, we can use either .cpp or .cxx extensions for files containing C++ code. However, using only one extension per directory is recommended, so it’s best to pick one and stick with it throughout your project.

The next most common extension for C++ files is .h and .hh, which are header files that contain information about functions, classes, variables, and other features of the program that can be used by other parts of the project, such as other header files or source code files.

This article will discuss the steps to get the file extension from a string in C++. Let’s begin.

Get the File Extension From a String in C++

The following are the steps we can do to obtain the file extension using C++:

  • The first step is to include the header file that contains the function we need to use.
  • The second step is to declare a variable that will hold the file type extension we want. We can call this variable extension.
  • The third step is to call the function and assign its return value (the extension) to our variable, extension.
  • Finally, we can check if our string matches the desired file type by comparing it with our variable extension. If they match, then you have found your file type!

Let’s discuss an example to better understand the concept mentioned above.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
  string x = "write the name of your file";
  if (x.substr(x.find_last_of("*******") + 2) == "cx") {
    // Here we are finding the file
    cout << "Done";
  } else {
    cout << "Not done";

Click here to check the working of the code as mentioned above.

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