Delete Arduino Libraries From Arduino IDE

This article will give you a concise method to delete libraries from the Arduino IDE. Nowadays, people install libraries by mistake or from third-party sites. It is not recommended to download libraries without running a file check via for malware check. I will create another article for you on some false positives and malware detection in the main Arduino libraries.

The libraries should be downloaded from trusted websites like Github unless you know what you are doing. Apart from that, the virus total check is necessary regardless of the website.

It is now coming towards the main course of this tutorial. It is quite easy to delete or remove libraries from your Arduino environment; the first method is to locate the sketchbook folder, if it is hard enough, just click on my computer, and on the top right-hand corner, you will find the search toolbar. Type Sketchbook and click Enter, it will give out a list of possible locations; however, there is a second method as well.

Click on the Arduino IDE, which opens the program interface, then move towards the file section. On the top left-hand corner and scroll down to click on the Preferences. After that, you will find Sketchbook location; just click on it, and the folder will pop up.

The folder location will contain another folder called libraries; clicking on it will show all the necessary libraries that you have. You can then delete the libraries that you consider redundant or extraneous.

Apart from that, sometimes you might have saved the files on either different partition disks, which will change the directory location; thus, these methods are much more reliable as you will instantly go to the folder than searching each and every location that they might be a possibility. Also, be sure not to delete any necessary files, as it might corrupt the Arduino IDE, and coding will become non-existent for the specific function that the library was created for.

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