Articles by Kevin Amayi

Git Howtos

  1. Clone a Specific Git Branch
  2. Clone a Remote Repository With Submodules in Git
  3. Merge a Remote Branch to a Local Branch in Git

PHP Howtos

  1. Change PHP Version Using .htaccess File
  2. Assignment by Reference Operator in PHP
  3. Get URL Data With QUERY_STRING in PHP
  4. Implement a Callback Function in PHP
  6. Update PHP 7.x to 7.4 on CentOS
  7. Create and Use Static Classes in PHP
  8. Optional Arguments in PHP
  9. PHP With Ajax
  10. Convert PHP Array to Javascript JSON
  11. Remove PHP Extension With .Htacess File
  12. Convert Celcius Degrees to Farenheit Using PHP
  13. Buffer Output Data in PHP With ob_start Method
  14. Get Key From a PHP Array
  15. Hash and Verify Password With Php_hash Method
  16. Set End of Line in PHP With PHP_EOL
  17. Push Both Value and Key Into PHP Array