Git Tutorial - Installation

Jinku Hu Jun 25, 2020
  1. What Is Git?
  2. Install Git
Git Tutorial - Installation

What Is Git?

Git is the most widely used version control system. It is an open source program originally developed by Linus Torvalds (creater of Linux OS) in 2005.

Git is an distributed version control system that every developer has the working copy of the code that also contains the full history of all changes. Developer could commit his/her work locally, and then push the repository to the remote server. It differs from centralized version control like SVN where users must synchronize files with a centralized server before applying changes.

Install Git


Download the Git installation file and install it. You could check whether it is successfully installed by checking the git version either from the command prompt or PowerShell.

If you type

git --version

It will print the git version like git version 1.9.x.msysgit.0 if git is installed.


Use apt-get to install and/or update git.

sudo apt-get install git
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