How to Install Seaborn With Pip in Python

Manav Narula Feb 02, 2024
How to Install Seaborn With Pip in Python

This tutorial will introduce how to install the seaborn module on your device using the pip command.

This command is used to install or uninstall different modules in Python. It can also be used to manage and create virtual environments in Python.

We can very easily use the pip command to install this package from the command terminal. We can install the seaborn package by running the below command.

pip install seaborn

Kindly ensure that you have pip installed on your device before running this command. For Python 3, we can use the pip3 command instead of pip.

We can also specify the required version of the module we wish to install, as shown below.

pip3 install seaborn==0.9.0

If we want to install the developmental version of the seaborn module, we have to use the git link of the repository. See the below command.

pip install git+

Ubuntu users kindly remember to use the sudo command on your terminal before the pip command while installing the package. After installing, we can use the pip show seaborn to check and view the details of the installed module.

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