Import OpenSSL in Python

Preet Sanghavi Oct 10, 2023
  1. Install OpenSSL Python Library
  2. Import OpenSSL in Python
Import OpenSSL in Python

In this tutorial, we aim at learning how to use OpenSSL in Python.

Install OpenSSL Python Library

We need to install the OpenSSL library to get started. We do this by running the following command in cmd.

pip install pyopenssl

Import OpenSSL in Python

After installing the above package, we need to import the SSL function from the OpenSSL library.

from OpenSSL import SSL

The above code will import the SSL library, which we can use to perform various SSL certificate-related operations.

We will now print the certificate path location using the SSL library to verify that the pyOpenSSL package was successfully installed and the library was successfully imported.


We get the below output on running the above command.


Thus we can successfully work with SSL certificates using the above method.

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