Using pydoc in Python

Manav Narula Nov 25, 2021
Using pydoc in Python

The pydoc module can generate Python-style documentation from modules. We can also view this documentation in the browser, save it as a webpage or even generate it on the console.

To view a list of all the possible options associated with pydoc and generate documentation, try the following command in the command prompt.

python -m pydoc

This command will return all the possible options for documentation in pydoc.

Using -k, we can search for different modules. We use the -w option to write the documentation as an HTML file in the current directory.

To search for additional libraries, we use the -k option. There are various other options available.

To view the documentation of any function, topic, or module in Python, we can use the following command in the command prompt.

python -m pydoc numpy

The above command will display the documentation of the NumPy module in the command prompt.

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