Python Idle Line Numbers

Lovey Arora Jul 27, 2021
Python Idle Line Numbers

IDLE is an IDE(Integrated Development and Learning Environment) to write codes in Python language.

Line numbers are the numbers that represent every line in the IDE. The line number is also shown whenever an error is raised in a program.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to show the line numbers in IDLE in Python.

To see the line numbers on idle, go to the Edit Menu option on the current window. Under this, choose the go to line option. Here, a display box will open, which will represent the current line number.

Python Idle Line Numbers - go to line

Another way to see the line numbers is in the Options menu. First, you have to go to Options on the current window. Under Options, choose Configure Idle, then choose General and finally check Show line numbers in the new windows box.

Python Idle Line Numbers - Settings