Change Python Version in PyCharm

Manav Narula Dec 31, 2021
Change Python Version in PyCharm

Python, like every other programming language, is maintained and updated regularly. New features are added, and changes are made with every update. Due to this, a code running on a specific Python version may not work with other versions.

PyCharm is a widely used Python IDE. We can configure Python Interpreter in the IDE to switch Python version. This tutorial will show how to achieve this.

First, we need to ensure the interpreter for the version we require is installed on PyCharm. Then, we need to select the Settings option from the File menu. From there, we need to select the Preferences option. In this, we need to select Project Interpreter. After selecting this, we will find the Python Interpreter option, and we can select the required version of the interpreter and apply the changes.

We can also change this by selecting the Edit Configurations option in the Run menu and selecting the required version in Python Interpreter.

In Pycharm 2019.1+ onwards, a new feature was added in the status bar. This feature included the version of the interpreter and seeing the version being used. We can click on this to quickly switch between different versions. If the status bar is not visible, we can use the Ctrl+Shift+A combination for Windows or the ++A for Mac.

Author: Manav Narula
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