How to Download Tkinter in Windows 10 64-Bit

Salman Mehmood Feb 02, 2024
How to Download Tkinter in Windows 10 64-Bit

This article will look at how to download tkinter with Python. We assume that you heard about the TK GUI toolkit (graphical user interface) so let’s see how to download tkinter on Windows 10 64-bit.

Download and Install Tkinter on Windows 10

The good news is that tkinter is already included with the Python installation package. Tkinter comes with Python 3.7 greater version, so we do not need to install tkinter in the latest version.

Before downloading, please check your system type in the Control Panel > System and Security > System, and you will get the desired page; otherwise, locate the Windows key and Pause Break key on the top-right of the keyboard and press both keys you will see the same page.

This way, you can check the system configuration.

Once you know the system configuration, let’s go ahead and download the right Python installer file on your machine.

When you go to your browser and open the website, head over to Downloads and download any latest Python released version that you see there, the GUI installer will appear on your screen when you download Windows installer 64-bit and open the downloaded file.

GUI installer

In our case, the upgrade setup option appears because we already have it installed so that we can upgrade the existing features. We can customize the installation using the Customize option; if you want to install tcl/tk and IDLE, you can keep it selected and hit Next.

Customize Installation

After the installation is completed successfully, you can import tkinter into your program.

Run the following code on your favorite IDE or terminal.

from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

If this code works correctly without raising an error, this package is installed successfully with the Python installation. If the Python drops the TK package during installation, you can install it manually using one of the following commands.

pip install tk
pip3 install tk
python3 -m pip install tk
pip3 install tkinter

Click here to read more about Tkinter installation on Windows 10.

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