TypeError: Converting Circular Structure to JSON

TypeError: Converting Circular Structure to JSON

When we send an object containing circular references to the JSON.stringify() function, we get the TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON problem. Before converting the object to JSON, avoid any circular reference.

Fix TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON in JavaScript

This issue can be solved using the flatted package. The flatted package is a Circular JSON parser that is incredibly light and quick, directly from the inventor of CircularJSON.

First, you have to install a flatted package, and you can do it the following way.

npm i flatted

Let’s see one example of using a flatted package.

const { parse, stringify } = require("flatted/cjs");

var sports = [{ cricket: 1 }, { football: "2" }];
sports[0].a = sports;



use flatted package

JSON.stringify() not only turns valid objects into strings but also has a replacer parameter that may replace values if the function is configured.

let sportsmanObj = {
  name: "Shiv",
  age: 22,
  gender: "Male",

sportsmanObj.myself = sportsmanObj;

const circularFunc = () => {
  const sited = new WeakSet();
  return (key, value) => {
    if (typeof value === "object" && value !== null) {
      if (sited.has(value)) {
    return value;

JSON.stringify(sportsmanObj, circularFunc());

Run Code

We are calling on the WeakSet object in our circularFunc above, which is an object that stores weakly held items or pointers to things.

Each object in a WeakSet can only appear once, removing repetitive or circular data. The new keyword is an operator for creating a new object.

We have nested if statements in our return statement. The typeof operator is used in our first if statement to return the primitive (Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, String, Function, BigInt, Symbol) being evaluated.

If our type of value is precisely equivalent to an object and the importance of that object is not null, it will proceed to the second if condition, which will check to see if the value is in the WeakSet(). We send our original circular structure and replacer method to JSON.stringify().

This will give us the stringified result we want on the console.

  age: 22,
  gender: "Male",
  myself: [circular object Object],
  name: "Shiv"
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