Angular 2 Checkbox Two Way Data Binding

Oluwafisayo Oluwatayo Dec 20, 2021
Angular 2 Checkbox Two Way Data Binding

This angular article will look at different methods to carry out a checkbox two-way data binding.

We will use the ngModelOptions attribute for two-way data binding. This solution best works when there is a name attribute.

We will also introduce the ngModel attribute that enables the checkboxFlag to store the actual checkbox state when it is changed. Then we will use the change attribute for data binding, such that when the value in the component is changed, the checkbox gets a new value as well.

When ngModel is used in forms, it mostly does not work, so the ngModelOptions attribute is best used to ensure the checkbox value changes as the data in the component is changed.

	[ngModelOptions]="{standalone: true}"/>

angular checkbox data binding

In some cases, the code will not work if the input is not inside a form but forms part of the ngFor loop. Also, the name attribute needs to be included in the code set up to get the code to work well.

While the example code above handles two-way data binding on the frontend part, this solution carries out changes on the backend, making proper use of ngModel.


To get this code to work perfectly, import { FormsModule } from @angular/forms into app.module.ts and add to imports array looking like this:

import { FormsModule } from'@angular/forms';


imports: [

The name attribute has to be unique for the default checked state to work as expected, and it has to be inside the input tag. But this code will not work if you use the checkbox inside a ngFor while repeating an array of objects, like so:


Then we can as well use the change attribute to make data binding on checkboxes. With this approach, we create the codes in a more detailed way.

The html component will look like this:

<input #saveCheckboxOne
	(change)="onSaveCheckboxChange(saveUserNameCheckBox.checked)" />

Then the component.js will be written like below.

public saveCheckbox:boolean;

public onSaveCheckboxChange(value:boolean){
this.saveUsername = value;
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