Lasha Khintibidze

Raspberry Pi Howtos

  1. Run Raspberry Pi OS on Virtual Machine
  2. Retrieve the MAC Address of Your Raspberry Pi
  3. Auto-Start Programs and Schedule Commands on Raspberry Pi OS
  4. Use Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi OS
  5. Cron Jobs and Task Scheduling on Raspberry Pi OS
  6. Access Raspberry Pi With Remote Desktop Software
  7. Change Default Username and Password on Raspberry Pi OS
  8. Change Hostname on Raspberry Pi OS
  9. Create New Users on Raspberry Pi OS
  10. Find IP Address of Your Raspberry Pi
  11. Find the Version of Raspberry Pi OS You Have
  12. Secure Your Raspberry Pi - SSH Protocol Security
  13. Set Up VPN Server on Raspberry Pi
  14. Setup a Proxy Server on Raspberry Pi OS
  15. Assign Static IP to Raspberry Pi
  16. Login to Raspberry Pi Using SSH
  17. Setup UFW Firewall on Raspberry Pi
  18. Update and Upgrade Raspberry Pi OS or Its Packages
  19. Login as Root User on Raspberry Pi
  20. Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bits

C++ Howtos

  1. Implement Circular Array in C++
  2. Nested Classes in C++
  3. Nested Loops in C++
  4. Overload Subscript Operator in C++
  5. Parallel Array Data Structure in C++
  6. Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm in C++
  7. Stack Data Structure Using Linked List in C++
  8. STL Algorithms in C++
  9. The std::gcd Function in C++
  10. Vector Implementation in C++
  11. Binary Search Tree Insertion in C++
  12. Boost Libraries in C++
  13. Circular Doubly Linked List in C++
  14. Delete a Node From Binary Search Tree in C++
  15. Differences Between sizeof Operator and strlen Function for Strings in C++
  16. Erase String in C++
  17. Implement a Queue Data Structure Using Linked List in C++
  18. Implement Inorder Traversal for Binary Search Tree in C++
  19. Overloaded Constructor in C++
  20. Static Function in C++
  21. The boost::split Function in C++
  22. The continue Statement in C++
  23. The std::back_inserter Function Template in C++
  24. The std::find_if Algorithm C++
  25. The std::hash Template Class in C++
  26. The std::merge Algorithm in C++
  27. The std::min_element Algorithm From STL in C++
  28. Trigonometric Functions in C++
  29. Use Exponential Functions of STL in C++
  30. Use the std::mutex Synchronization Primitive in C++
  31. Implement a Circular Linked List Data Structure in C++
  32. Insert New Elements in an STL Map in C++
  33. The Difference Between Function Arguments and Parameters in C++
  34. The Differences Between STL Vector and STL List in C++
  35. The Differences Between Virtual and Pure Virtual Functions in C++
  36. Use a Conditional Operator in C++
  37. Use the const Keyword With Pointers in C++
  38. Use the std::map::find Function in C++
  39. Use the std::stod Family of Functions in C++
  40. Use the typeid Operator in C++
  41. Copy a Vector Container Object in C++
  42. Create an Array of Strings in C++
  43. Delete a Node in a Linked List in C++
  44. Enumeration Type in C++
  45. Implement a Binary Search Tree Data Structure in C++
  46. Implement a Doubly Linked List in C++
  47. Implement the Binary Search in C++
  48. Implement the Binary Tree Data Structure in C++
  49. Implement the Insertion Sort Algorithm in C++
  50. Implement the Selection Sort Algorithm in C++
  51. Insert a Node in Singly Linked List C++
  52. Operators in C++
  53. References in C++
  54. Reverse the Linked List in C++
  55. Sort a String of Characters in C++
  56. Sort a Vector of Pairs in C++
  57. The Definition of Iostream in C++
  58. The std::tuple Class and Its Member Functions in C++
  59. Use an STL Map Container in C++
  60. Use STL Heap Algorithms in C++
  61. Use the static Keyword in C++
  62. Use the static_cast Command in C++
  63. Use the STL Priority Queue in C++
  64. Use the STL Queue Container in C++
  65. Use the STL Set Container in C++
  66. Use the STL Stringstream Class in C++
  67. Use the STL Unordered Map Container in C++
  68. Utilize the Copy Constructor in C++
  69. Utilize the setw Manipulator in C++
  70. Calculate Distance Between Two Points in C++
  71. Check if a Key Exists in a Map in C++
  72. exit(1) in C++
  73. Find Maximum Value in Array in C++
  74. Function Overloading VS Overriding in C++
  75. Implement Fizz Buzz Solution in C++
  76. Object Slicing in C++
  77. Pre-Increment VS Post-Increment Operators in C++
  78. Print All Permutations of the String in C++
  79. Remove Duplicates From Vector in C++
  80. Reverse Vector Elements Using STL Utilities in C++
  81. The Move Constructor in C++
  82. The volatile Qualifier in C++
  83. Use Bit Manipulation Methods in C++
  84. Utilize the goto Statement in C++
  85. Bubble Sort Algorithm in C++
  86. Function Overloading in C++
  87. Implement Class Constructors in C++
  88. Implement Merge Sort Algorithm in C++
  89. Implement Quicksort Algorithm in C++
  90. Namespaces in C++
  91. The system() Function in C++
  92. Use STL List Container in C++ STL
  93. Use STL Stack Container in C++
  94. Utilize Stack vs Heap Memory Allocation in C++
  95. Calculate Factorial of a Number in C++
  96. Check for a Palindrome String With A Recursive Function in C++
  97. Declare an Array of Vectors in C++ STL
  98. Deep Copy VS Shallow Copy in C++
  99. Implement Assignment Operator Overloading in C++
  100. Multiply Two Matrices in C++
  101. Pass Pointer by Reference in C++
  102. Use Default Parameters for Functions in C++
  103. Use Smart Pointers in C++
  104. Use Void Functions in C++
  105. Avoid Memory Leaks in C++
  106. Call Function Within a Function in C++
  107. Create a File in C++
  108. Create Directory in C++
  109. INT_MAX and INT_MIN Macro Expressions in C++
  110. Measure Execution Time of a Function in C++ STL
  111. Multiple Inheritance in C++
  112. Print System Time in C++
  113. Set the Precision of Floating-Point Numbers in C++
  114. Use Makefile in C++
  115. Calculate Sum of Array in C++
  116. Call a Destructor Explicitly in C++
  117. Clear Input Buffer in C++
  118. Generate Fibonacci Numbers in C++
  119. Pointer to an Array in C++
  120. Read CSV File in C++
  121. Sort Vector in C++
  122. Split String in C++
  123. Use the delete Operator in C++
  124. Vector Container in C++ STL
  125. Convert String Into Binary Sequence in C++
  126. Convert String to Int Array in C++
  127. Find Element Index in Vector in C++
  128. Initialize Array of Objects in C++
  129. Parse a Comma Separated String Sequence in C++
  130. Pass Argument by Reference vs by Pointer in C++
  131. Remove Punctuation From a String in C++
  132. Retrieve Command-Line Arguments in C++
  133. Return Multiple Values From Function in C++
  134. Use Nested if-else Statements in C++
  135. Access Private Members of a Class in C++
  136. Call by Reference vs Call by Value in C++
  137. Check if a Number Is Prime in C++
  138. Check if Input Is Integer in C++
  139. Count Number of Digits in a Number in C++
  140. Count Occurrences of a Character in String C++
  141. Create a Header File in C++
  142. Find Length of a String in C++
  143. Find Most Frequent Element in an Array C++
  144. Get ASCII Value of Char in C++
  145. Pass Vector by Reference in C++
  146. Range-Based for Loop in C++
  147. Read File Word by Word in C++
  148. Remove Element From Array in C++
  149. Remove Spaces From String in C++
  150. Return a Pointer in C++
  151. Round Floating-Point Number to 2 Decimals in C++
  152. Sort Map by Value in C++
  153. Sort Strings Alphabetically in C++
  154. Split String by Space in C++
  155. Get Environment Variable in C++
  156. Shift Elements in Array in C++
  157. Use the deque Container in C++
  158. Calculate Dot Product of Two Vectors in C++
  159. Check if String Is Empty in C++
  160. Check if String Is Palindrome in C++
  161. Compare Arrays in C++
  162. Convert String to Hex in C++
  163. Create Processes With Fork in C++
  164. Declare Multiline String in C++
  165. Define Class Destructor Using the Tilde Operator in C++
  166. Find Set Intersection in C++
  167. Return Pointer to Array in C++
  168. Right Justify Output in C++
  169. Solve Control Reaches End of Non-Void Function Error in C++
  170. Use Bitmask in C++
  171. Use Method in C++
  172. Use const Qualifier With Pointers in C++
  173. Use malloc vs new Allocators in C++
  174. Use Private vs Protected Class Members in C++
  175. Use switch Statement in C++
  176. Use Timer in C++
  177. Validate User Input in C++
  178. Add Element to Vector of Pairs in C++
  179. Append Vector to Vector in C++
  180. break vs continue in C++
  181. Get Current Directory in C++
  182. Get File Size in C++
  183. Handle SIGABRT Signal in C++
  184. Print Linked List in C++
  185. Read File Into String in C++
  186. Resize Array in C++
  187. Shuffle Vector in C++
  188. Access Member Functions From Pointer to a Vector in C++
  189. Create a Dictionary in C++
  190. Create Boolean Functions in C++
  191. Create Vector of Pointers in C++
  192. Create Vector of Vectors in C++
  193. Initialize Vector of Structs in C++
  194. Raise Number to Power in C++
  195. Use Callback Functions in C++
  196. Use the ignore() Function in C++
  197. Use the Modulo Operator in C++
  198. Reverse Array in C++
  199. Write to File in C++
  200. Create Array of Structs in C++
  201. Convert Float to Int in C++
  202. Generate Random Number in Range in C++
  203. Read File Char by Char in C++
  204. Tokenize a String in C++
  205. Add Int to String in C++
  206. Compare Two Strings Ignoring the Case in C++
  207. Iterate Through a String in C++
  208. Parse Int From String in C++
  209. Check if Pointer Is NULL in C++
  210. Remove Element From Vector in C++
  211. Return 2D Array From Function in C++
  212. Use Dynamic Cast in C++
  213. Convert a Char to a String in C++
  214. Dynamically Allocate an Array in C++
  215. Read Int From a File in C++
  216. Return a String From a Function in C++
  217. Check if Element Exists in C++ Vector
  218. Generate a Random Number Between 0 and 1 in C++
  219. Replace a Part of the String in C++
  220. Clear the Console in C++
  221. Clear Array Element Values in C++
  222. Change Console Color in C++
  223. Get Time in Milliseconds in C++
  224. Concatenate Two Strings in C++
  225. Convert ASCII to Char in C++
  226. Convert String to Uppercase in C++
  227. Generate Random Double in C++
  228. Convert Decimal to Binary in C++
  229. Convert Enum to String in C++
  230. Convert Float to String in C++
  231. Declare a Global Variable in C++
  232. Convert Int to ASCII Char in C++
  233. Pause a Program in C++
  234. Print a String in C++
  235. Use setprecision in C++
  236. Convert Vector to Array in C++
  237. Read a File Line by Line in C++
  238. Reverse a String in C++
  239. Trim a String in C++
  240. Copy an Array in C++
  241. Extract a Subvector From a Vector in C++
  242. Return a Vector From a Function in C++
  243. Round a Double to an Int in C++
  244. Generate a Random Float Number in C++
  245. Loop Over an Array in C++
  246. Print Numbers With Specified Decimal Points in C++
  247. Use a PI Constant in C++
  248. Append Text to a File in C++
  249. Declare 2D Array Using new in C++
  250. Print an Array in C++
  251. Wait for User Input in C++
  252. Convert Char Array to Int in C++
  253. Convert Int to a String in C++
  254. Parse String Using a Delimiter in C++
  255. Initialize a Vector in C++
  256. Get List of Files in Directory in C++
  257. Iterate Though a Vector in C++
  258. Print Out the Contents of a Vector in C++
  259. Check if a File Exists in C++
  260. Convert String to Int in C++
  261. Find Substring in String in C++
  262. Pass 2D Array to a Function in C++
  263. Return an Array From a Function in C++
  264. Convert Char Array to String in C++
  265. Convert String to Char Array in C++
  266. Determine if a String Is a Number in C++
  267. Find Array Size in C++
  268. Sleep for Milliseconds in C++
  269. Iterate Through Map in C++
  270. Convert Int to Char Array in C++
  271. Convert String to Lower Case in C++

R Howtos

  1. Convert Factor to Numeric With the as.numeric Function in R
  2. Create Custom Legend With ggplot in R
  3. Create Grouped Boxplots in R
  4. Create Histogram With ggplot in R
  5. Create Side by Side Boxplots in R
  6. Draw Legend Items With Different Colors in R
  7. Modify ggplot X Axis Tick Labels in R
  8. Nested for Loops in R
  9. Remove Duplicate Rows by Column in R
  10. Split Column Into Two Columns in R
  11. Split String by Delimiter in R
  12. The scale_colour_discrete Function in R
  13. The scale_x_discrete Function in R
  14. The scale_y_continuous Function in R
  15. Use grepl to Find Matches for Any Character String in the R Character Vector
  16. Add a Line to a Plot With the Lines() Function in R
  17. Add Transparent Rectangle to Boxplot in R
  18. Create a Large Data Frame in R
  19. Find Maximum Absolute Values by Row in Data Frame in R
  20. Find Mode of a Vector in R
  21. Merge Two Data Frames With Different Number of Rows in R
  22. Normalize the Values in Matrix R
  23. Simulate Rnorm for Many Observations Using Different Mean and Sd Values in R
  24. Use the tryCatch Function for Condition Handling in R
  25. Visualize Confusion Matrix Using Caret Package in R

C Howtos

  1. Compare Bits in C
  2. Control Daemon Process From Another Process in C
  3. Get Extended Attributes of File in C
  4. Handle SIGINT Signal in C
  5. Measure System Time With getrusage Function in C
  6. Use a Semaphore in C
  7. Use Atomic Types in C
  8. Use the pthread_join Function in C
  9. Use the sched_setaffinity Function in C
  10. Use thread_local Variables in C
  11. How optind Variable Gets Assigned in C
  12. Kill a Child Process in C
  13. Open a Socket in C
  14. Print Numbers in Scientific Notation in C
  15. Read Data From Pipe in C
  16. Send Signal to a Process in C
  17. Truncate String in C
  18. Use the C11 Threads Library in C
  19. Use the getaddrinfo Function in C
  20. Align Columns in printf Function in C
  21. Find System Hostname in C
  22. Implement Caesar's Cipher in C
  23. Use shmget to Allocate Shared Memory in C
  24. Use struct Alignment and Padding in C
  25. Use the bzero Function in C
  26. Use the crypt Function in C
  27. Use the execlp Function in C
  28. Use the feof Function in C
  29. Use the goto Statement in C
  30. Access Environment Variables Using setenv Function in C
  31. Concatenate String and Int in C
  32. Get Thread ID in C
  33. Implement Swap Function in C
  34. Initialize Array of Structs in C
  35. Read Binary File in C
  36. Read File Line by Line Using fscanf in C
  37. The Round Function in C
  38. Use Mutex Lock in C
  39. Use the opendir Function in C
  40. argc and argv in C
  41. Copy Char Array in C
  42. Create a New Directory in C
  43. Dynamically Allocate an Array in C
  44. Flush stdout Output Stream in C
  45. Get Length of Char Array in C
  46. Implement Dictionary in C
  47. open vs fopen in C
  48. Return a Struct From Function in C
  49. Trim a String in C
  50. Use Bitwise Shift Operations in C
  51. Use File Redirection in C
  52. Use the exit Function in C
  53. Use the fork Function in C
  54. Use the getchar Function in C
  55. Use the gettimeofday Function in C
  56. Use the nanosleep Function in C
  57. Use the strdup Function in C
  58. Use the strsep Function in C
  59. Use the waitpid Function in C
  60. How to Plot Data in C
  61. Convert Char* to Int in C
  62. Get File Size in C
  63. Check if String Contains Substring in C
  64. Clear Char Array in C
  65. Convert String to Lowercase in C
  66. Get Current Working Directory in C
  67. Sort Function in C
  68. The dup2 Function in C
  69. The execvp Function in C
  70. The extern Keyword in C
  71. #ifndef Include Guards in C
  72. Array of Strings in C
  73. Bit Masking in C
  74. Exponents in C
  75. Get User Input in C
  76. Initialize Char Array in C
  77. Modulo Operator in C
  78. Use strtok Function in C
  79. wait Function in C
  80. Write to File in C
  81. Function Pointer in C
  82. Static Variable in C
  83. Use a Timer in C
  84. Use Pointer Ampersand Notation in C
  85. Allocate Struct Memory With malloc in C
  86. Compare Strings in C
  87. Concatenate Strings in C
  88. Fix Free Invalid Pointer Error in C
  89. Generate Random Number in C
  90. Get Substring in C
  91. i++ vs ++i in C
  92. Initialize a Struct in C
  93. Print Char Array in C
  94. Print Formatted Text in C
  95. Print to stderr in C
  96. Read a File in C
  97. Use typedef enum in C